Fondue Flop

Looks good, huh? And actually, it wasn’t too bad, but NOT as a fondue. The recipe is called Blonde Bliss Vegan Fondue from the Jan/Feb issue of Vegetarian Times. (I tried to find the recipe on their site, but couldn’t,  but found it HERE). The stars of the show are potatoes and I figured since the Veg News’ Mac n’ Cheese is made with potatoes and is SO DELICIOUS, then this one has got to be pretty good. It tasted more like a potato chowder, which is good in its own right, but not as a fondue. I wanted to add some Daiya cheese, Tofutti sour cream and some chopped chives. Oh well.

Fondue was invented for cow’s milk cheese—that’s just the way it is, but I think  the Veg News’ sauce , a vegan white sauce, and the creamy cashew sauce would make much better fondues. Next time, I might give that a try. For now, at least I have some leftover chowder for tomorrow’s lunch.

The apples, bread and mushrooms were good though!


  1. Suburban Snow White says

    Sorry the fondue didn’t turn out as expected! I admire you for posting something that didn’t turn out as you wanted. :) I’ve had so many of those so it’s nice to hear about other people’s adventures that took an unexpected turn. Keep doing your thing! Love reading your posts.

  2. Veg4Life says

    I totally agree with you! That was the first recipe I made from the magazine and was quite disappointed. Nothing fondue-ish at all. You’re spot on with the potato chowder comparison. And it’s funny because my rationale involved the VegNews Mac&Cheese logic too.

    I have a bowl full in the fridge. I might still in some veggies and rice and call it a cassarole. I bet it’s perfect for that.

    But what were those editors at VT thinking???

    Let us know if you find a good vegan fondue. There must be a way…

    • epicureanvegan says

      I thought maybe I could have used too much potato, but it doesn’t sound like that was the issue. Using the leftovers in a casserole is brilliant! I’ll keep on the lookout for that perfect vegan fondue–it’s out there…

  3. veggiegirl216 says

    Ha! That’s how I make “cheese sauce” too…Daiya and tofutti ! The light bulb went on when making “mac n’ cheese” and wanted it to look and taste authentic. I have read lots of recipes for fondue online- and they are all pretty similar with nutritional yearst, rolled oats, dijon etc., but I think the daiya and tofutti mixture is a no-brainer for authentic fondue.

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