ep▪i▪cu▪re▪an,  adj ˌe-pi-kyu̇-ˈrē-ən, -ˈkyu̇r-ē- :involving an appreciation of fine food and drink : of or relating to an epicure ▪ a person of epicurean tastes

The Epicurean Vegan is devoted to those wanting to eat healthy, save animals and reduce their carbon footprint. Being a vegan allows you to do all that! In 2007, I gave up dairy for health reasons and it made all the difference in world. Then, in December of 2009 I went the whole nine and eliminated meat from my diet. I can’t imagine ever going back!

Before my converting to veganism, I had a very fair-weather relationship with food–unhappy with the way I felt (physically) after eating meat and dairy, and of course, I didn’t like eating our furried and feathered friends. With the numerous links and growing concerns between animal products and diseases such as cancer, I knew it was important to make this change in my life. I also realized that I eat to live, not live to eat. There are way too many other wonderful things in this world to live for. For me, food just isn’t one of them.

I’m actually amazed at how much I enjoy food since converting—much more than before. Forced to try different fruits, vegetables, and other sources of protein and calcium, I’ve discovered a whole other world of flavors and each day, I’m excited to try a new vegan dish.

The recipes posted are either my own, other vegan chefs’ and recipes I’ve converted to vegan. I try to post new recipes every day, so visit often, or better yet, subscribe! Not everything makes the cut for the website, so only the tried, tested and true make it here (and who knew taking pictures of food would be so much fun)?

I’ve learn so much on this journey, but I’m no expert. All I ask is that you’re open minded and give these recipes a try. Do your research and be your own health advocate, because frankly, no one else will. I’m just here to make suggestions and hopefully, some new friends–vegan or not.

Enjoy the recipes, drop me a line sometime and happy eating!

Contact me at epicureanvegan@gmail.com or visit me at my writing sites, AprilJMoore and Folsom’s 93.


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  1. Just came across your webiste a few days ago. I have been searching for a website like this for nearly two years. Thank you thank you thank you for what you are doing!

  2. Hi! I love your site. I look at it almost daily for new recipes, to browse archived recipes, or poke around and waste time!
    Anyway, I searched the blog for a “dumplings” recipe, but none came up. I also noticed that you have a “favorite brands/products” list. So, could you recommend a brand of asian dumplings (or gyoza as some call them) OR do you have a fantastic recipe?



    • Thanks, Meghan! I appreciate the comments and I’m glad you’re enjoying my site. You’ve really got me thinking about making dumplings (I might just have a new challenge on my hands)! I actually have never tried making them before. Most commercial brands have egg and/or meat in them. Next time I’m at the store, I’ll have to take a look and see what’s out there. Do you have any ideas on how to make them?

      • Well, as far as buying them at the store — I have found vegetarian, but not vegan, dumplings at Whole Foods. They were in the freezer section. I don’t remember the name of the brand, but they were not good at all!

        I’ve seen a few recipes on the website http://www.vegweb.com It is a great site with thousands of vegan recipes. It is my “go to” place for ideas. Anyway, a lot of the recipes on there seem to use rice paper wrappers, or won ton wrappers, and fill it with cabbage, ginger, soy sauce, etc.
        A lot of them seem the same, but the recipe lists is always long and it seems so complicated!

        I’d love to be able to either buy some from the store or cook some (with an EASY recipe) and freeze them for later use.

  3. I am not sure where you live but Whole Foods has a vegan gf crust by The Gluten Free Bistro in Boulder and Denver areas. Our crust is the best thing I have ever eaten (been gf for 8 years) and it is healthy, 100% whole grain and 100% non-GMO. Look for it where you live as we hope to nationwide soon.

    • Thank you for sharing this with me! Yes, I am always in the market for a vegan, gluten-free crust that isn’t full of “other stuff.” I live in Fort Collins–would the Whole Foods here carry it? I’d love to do a review on it, too–especially since it’s made right here in CO. Thanks again!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog after a “Vegan coconut Lemon cake” search! I am on week three of a 60 day juice fast and am excited about eating more raw and vegetarian/vegan foods from now on. We slowly eliminated dairy and meat from our diet as well. I am astounded at how much vegans get to eat! Looking forward to using your blog as a guide. Love from Atlanta, where finding daiya is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

    • Wow! 60 days?! You rock! I lasted about 7 days, but I have to say, it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. How are you feeling? You’re brave to be searching for cake while on the fast! :-) Congrats on making that leap into veganism, too. Yeah, most people are amazed at how much variety is in a vegan diet. Omnivores rely so much upon meat products as their main meal, that they don’t venture out and try different veggies, beans, and grains. I love all the foods I’ve discovered so far in these last two years and it seems I keep finding more and more everyday. Keep me posted on your juice fast and veggie ventures! Thanks for stopping by and commenting and if I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to email me. :-)

  5. I hear a lot about Field Roast sausages and other Field roast products. But are these products made in the USA or are they from China?

  6. Hey there! Just discovered your blog through BerryRipe’s 50 Top Vegan Blogs. Congrats on making the list! I’ve been vegan for almost two years now, and like you I find that I actually enjoy food more now. This is so funny since I assumed that being vegan meant a life of denial. You’ve got a wonderful blog – so glad I found you! Celeste :)

    • Welcome, Celeste! Glad you stopped by :-) I was just talking to another blogger yesterday and he said that he also thinks since he went vegan this year, food is so much tastier. I think Americans have become so complacent when it comes to food that they just eat the same nasty crap over and over, never realizing how wonderful plant-based foods are. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog!

  7. HI! Just found your site the other day and made the bok choy and mushroom/tomato dish over couscous (had been in Vegetarian Times). Fantastic! I ate the leftovers today and got to “vegucate” some fellow employees :) I can’t wait to try more of them. We’ve adopted a wellness challenge for 2014, and I’ve committed to bringing one vegan dish a week, so that they can see it’s not scary…

    • Thank you and welcome to my blog! I think delicious food is the best way to introduce people to veganism. The way to their heart is through their stomach! Unfortunately, people get defensive when faced with the realities of the meat and dairy industry, but give them tasty vegan food?! That should work! Let me know how it goes–there are definitely some recipes on the blog that I think are good ones to fool meat eaters :-)

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