Let’s Rethink the Pink


I love fall, but there are two things that piss me off about October: 1.) Starbuck’s stupid non-vegan PSL and 2.) “Pinktober.” I’m all for finding a cure for breast cancer (and all cancers, of course) but do you know where your support dollars go?! “Pinktober” was created by a pharmaceutical company—your money goes to a drug company who makes expensive, toxic, and ineffective drugs and ignores alternative therapies. Please take a few minutes to read this AWESOME article from The Gerson Institute, “Rethinking Pinktober.” 

Also, check this out: A man with stage 3 colon cancer cured his cancer with a vegan diet. It’s incredible. 


  1. Stephie says

    I love The Gerson Institute and how they have opened my eyes to all the crap we have been programmed to believe about medication and chemicals. I especially love their documentary. Thank you for posting this and showing people what a scam most of these companies are. And don’t get me wrong I am for supporting cancer cures but if you watch “The Gerson Therapy” you can see how nature and diet can do so much more than a pill can.

  2. epicureanvegan says

    Couldn’t agree more, Stephie! It’s such a joke and the drug companies are laughing all the way to the bank while people are dying of cancer. And the fact that companies such as KFC and alcohol makers–the very products linked to breast cancer take part in this, is a hypocrisy beyond all comprehension.

  3. luminousvegans says

    YES! I’m so happy that you posted this. So many people blindly support “the pink” thinking they are helping a “cause”. But like everything in this world, there’s a bigger truth behind it. I watched a documentary about it and it made me mad/sad/etc..

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