I Feel A Vegan Revolution Coming On!

Remember when I posted my vegan version of the Drunken Chicken Sandwich for Endless Simmer? Marly of Namely Marly had rounded up vegan bloggers to veganize these meat-laden sandwiches and thanks to her, a vegan revolution is a brewin’! Turns out, the author of the original series liked our veganizing idea and our results are now posted on Endless Simmer today and hopefully soon . . . on Huffington Post. Please visit the post, comment and give it a “thumbs up” on Stumble Upon. So exciting!

America’s Top Ten New Sandwiches-Veganized! And my Contribution

300th Post! Woo-hoo!

Last month, Endless Simmer did an article on their top ten new sandwiches, and as you can guess, none of them were vegetarian, let alone vegan. Big surprise. So Marly of Namely Marly, posed a fantastic challenge to food bloggers, to veganize these cancer-licious sandwiches. I rarely turn down a challenge to veganize a recipe, so I went with #8: Crispy Drunken Chicken Sandwich. Check out my veganized version as well as another version from Veggie Num Num. Thanks, Marly for this really fun challenge and putting it all together. I’m excited to see the rest of the healthier versions of all the sandwiches in the coming weeks!