Vegan Vacation: Seattle


I have been such a slacker! I finally got a chance to throw together this post about our vegan adventures in Seattle. I had made quite a list of restaurants to try to hit up while we were there, but it didn’t work out completely. Because we stayed downtown, we opted to hoof it everywhere, except for taking the city bus one day, which meant we couldn’t hit up a few vegan eateries that I was hoping to get to. All in all, it worked out just fine and we certainly didn’t starve!

Hook and Plow


Located right along the piers on Alaskan Way, Hook and Plow wasn’t the most obvious vegan choice, but a menu we had found online listed some vegan options. Once we got there, however, these items were awol. When we asked the waitress about this, she happily offered to speak with the chef about what he could make. He ended up coming to our table and was very willing to fix us something vegan and delicious. We each went with this incredible mushroom (oyster, shiitake and button) risotto.


It was probably one of best meals we had in Seattle. So flavorful and delicious! Diners at the other tables were intrigued and asked the waitress about it. We felt vegan-special. :-)

Chutney’s Queen Anne


Located at 519 1st Ave., and is in walking distance to the Seattle Center (Space Needle, Chihuly Gardens, Pacific Center, etc.) The outside is very unassuming, but the inside is more upscale. If you like Indian food, you will love Chutney’s. They have a great selection of vegan items to choose from and are very reasonably priced. We started with the Onion Bhajiya, onion fritters fried in a seasoned chickpea batter.


We could have eaten ten more a piece; they were outstanding.

We went with the Vegetable Biryani with rice, nuts, spices, and raisins. The flavors were amazing.


And the Aaloo Gobi Punjabi (potatoes, cauliflower tossed with onions and tomato and seasoned with coriander and ginger garlic). Pure awesomeness.



Everything was delicious (including the rosemary and garlic naan!) and the service was outstanding. I highly recommend Chutney’s for a fine vegan Indian cuisine.

So, speaking of the Seattle Center, we were highly impressed with the amount of vegan options (thank, Bill Gates)! At the Armoey/Center House, you’ll have your choice of several restaurant options in a food court setting. 21 eateries to be exact! Once day, we grabbed a quick sub from Subway, but then we discovered more . . .

Plum Market


You can only imagine our excitement when we found this 100% vegan and organic eatery. It’s actually tucked back in a corner and we didn’t even see it at first (hence, the Subway).


I don’t know what it was called, but I got the last one. Thank goodness. It was a puff pastry with vegan mac and cheese and caramel onions on top. Yes, please.


I also went with the kale salad with tofu “feta.” Delicious!


The Husband went with this incredible tofu sandwich. I can’t remember what was all in it, but he really enjoyed it.


The Ninth Grader went with the vegetarian pot pie from Sweet and Savory Pie.


He thought it was great . . . just not big enough!

Gordon Biersch


Located at the Pacific Place Shopping Center downtown. For the typical American brewhouse, they actually have quite a few vegetarian items that can be made vegan. We were all drawn to the veggie tacos with lettuce, pico de gallo, and avocado. (Just ask for no cheese). Served with black beans and rice. They tasted fresh and the flavor was great.


Dragonfish Asian Cafe


Located at 722 Pine St. This was located just across the street from the hotel, so for Asian takeout, it was great. We weren’t necessarily starving, so we each ordered the vegetable spring rolls, the avocado rolls, and the tofu rolls.


I’m usually not big on veggie sushi rolls, but these were fantastic. They were also larger than the rolls we’ve had in other places. We enjoyed the food so much, we ended up ordering another night from them as well.

Rock Bottom Brewery


Located on 5th Ave., across from the 5th Ave Theater this was a great stop for a veggie burger. And a beer flight . . .



The house-made veggie burger was pretty darn good and it was nice to hear (from our waiter) that around 90% of the menu is made in house and from scratch. The patio is a great place to sit and relax (as long as it’s not raining).


Guaymas Cantina


Located near Pioneer Square at the Harbor Steps at 1303 1st Ave. Typically, it’s pretty easy to find plenty of vegan options at a Mexican restaurant and that was certainly the case here.


We all had the “Guaymas” Wet Burrito (minus the cheese).


Another winner. Really delicious.

The atmosphere is nice and they also offer a complimentary salsa bar. The service was also great.


Yard House


Located at 1501 4th Ave. We were thrilled to come across Yard House since they have lots of vegetarian and vegan options, including a large menu of Gardein products.


Plus, any of their burgers can be made with a Gardein patty. I ordered the Gardein Orange Peel Chicken with baby corns, bok choy with an orange glaze. Yum!


The Husband went with one of their Gardein burgers, as did the Ninth Grader. Obviously, I was too hungry and didn’t get pictures! They enjoyed them, however.

Museum of Flight’s Wings Cafe

Located inside the Museum of Flight 9404 Marginal Way S.


We were delighted to see the Vegan Asian Rice Noodle Salad, so we each ordered that.


Although we highly appreciated the effort to accommodate vegans, it left a lot to be desired. Even with the sesame dressing, we found the salad (tofu, bell peppers, edamame, noodles, and cabbage) incredibly bland; there was just no flavor. At least it was healthy!

P.F. Chang’s

Located downtown at the Westlake Center (400 Pine St). This is always a great options for vegans and instead of trying to find another dinner place for our last night, we decided to wait the 30 minutes for a table. Having eaten at P.F.Chang’s several times before, we knew it’d be a good option.


Veggie chow mein


Buddha’s Feast


Coconut Vegetable Curry

This post isn’t complete without showing you the original Starbucks located at Pikes Market!




Yes, the coffee tasted the same, but it’s all about the experience, right?



  1. Tom says

    Thanks for sharing, April! Love the reviews and photos. Seattle’s one of my favorite places, and I’m fortunate to have good friends there who love having visitors.

    I’ve been meaning to check out whether the Field Roast factory gives tours for my next visit. If so, that alone would be worth a full post!

    Just a note about Subway. I ate their subs for almost a year assuming that the plain bread was vegan, but when I finally asked, the staff said it wasn’t. An unwelcome surprise. Perhaps it varies by region (I’m in PA/NJ) or has changed since then (2010), but an ingredient list check may be in order.

    Keep up the great work!

    • epicureanvegan says

      Thanks, Tom! Seattle is a great place to have welcoming friends! I thought about contacting Field Roast ahead of time to see about a tour, but figured it wouldn’t be high on my guys’ list of activities. I was surprised that even in vegan-friendly restaurants, Field Roast was never in any of the menu items; I would have thought with them being local . . .
      Thanks for the Subway tip! Thankfully, I’ve always gone with their wheat and grain breads, but the guys tend to order the plain bread. Not anymore. Thanks for visiting!

      BTW, I found this helpful chart showing what’s vegan at Subway.

  2. luminousvegans says

    So fun! Even though you diverged from your original plan it looks like you got to eat so much amazing food. Plus, walking places is much more fun. That puff pastry with mac and cheese is killer!

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