Creamy Wild Rice Soup

Creamy Wild Rice Soup -- Epicurean VeganColorado weather has been staying true to form, showing us just how¬†schizophrenic it can be in the springtime. We’ve had 70 degree days and suddenly, we’re hitting the 20s and getting snow. Yesterday was one of those bone-chilling days which always makes me want to put on a pot of soup. I love experimenting with soups because it’s so easy. I have to say, this is probably one of my favorites—rich, creamy, and flavorful. I was already told that I need to make it again soon, and the Eighth Grader actually took leftovers to school today for lunch. He never takes leftovers! After a warm up this weekend, we are expected to get some more rain/snow next week, so I just may have to make this again. Darn. ;-)


1 Tbs olive oil
3 cloves garlic, crushed or minced
2-3 celery stalks, sliced thin
1 medium onion, diced
7 C vegetable broth
1 C wild rice mix (I used Whole Foods 365 Everyday brand)
1 large russet potato, peeled and diced
1 carrot, grated
2 bay leaves
Salt and pepper
1 Tbs nutritional yeast
4 Tbs Earth Balance
6 Tbs flour (any variety)
2 C almond milk

Creamy Wild Rice Soup -- Epicurean Vegan



In a large soup pot, heat the olive oil then add the garlic; cook 1 minute. Add the celery and onions and cook 3 minutes, or until they begin to soften.

Creamy Wild Rice Soup -- Epicurean Vegan

Add the broth, rice and bay leaves; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, partially cover, and let simmer for 20 minutes. Add the potatoes and cook another 15 minutes, or until they soften, but are still a little firm. Stir in the carrots and nutritional yeast.

Creamy Wild Rice Soup -- Epicurean Vegan

Meanwhile, to make the roux, melt the Earth Balance in a medium pan over medium heat. Whisk in the flour, one tablespoon at a time. You’ll have a thick, batter-like consistency. Slowly add the almond milk—a little at time—and continue to stir until it is all incorporated and thickens. This shouldn’t take more than 8-10 minutes.

Creamy Wild Rice Soup -- Epicurean Vegan

Remove and discard the bay leaves, then slowly pour the roux into the soup and combine well. Reduce the heat to low and let it cook 3-5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Creamy Wild Rice Soup -- Epicurean Vegan



  1. Anne says

    Just made it for lunch – delicious! Added a little leftover broccoli and cauliflower and some parley (at the very end) and eliminated the Earth Balance by making the roux with broth and soy milk in the Vitamix. Served w/homemade whole grain bread – perfect for this cold dreary day!

  2. Julie says

    This soup is soooo good! I apologized to my boyfriend that there won’t be any left when he gets home this evening because the entire pot will already be in my belly :-)

  3. thecrueltyfreereview says

    I’ve never put much weight into the idea of seasonal depression but I really think I’m getting it with this weather. I want spring! I’m so sick of the cold and snow. However it does give a good excuse to make giant pots of soup and spiked hot cocoa!

    • epicureanvegan says

      Oh my gosh, I’m with you—this winter I was thinking the same thing—there’s something to that because I was feeling like one cranky B and when we had our first 60+ degree day, I was feeling pretty damn good. And I truly believe you can have spiked hot cocoa whenever you want! :-)

  4. Mary says

    This soup is beyond amazing. I know I’m commenting ages past the original post, but I didn’t know this blog was out there. I was in the mood for a wild rice soup, and stumbled on this one. I made it immediately. IT’s a true epicurean delight! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Rich, creamy, and warming from the inside out.

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