Book Release!

Bobbing for Watermelons, a Novel by April J. MooreOkay, so it’s not a cookbook, but my main character is a food columnist . . .Today’s an exciting day—it’s the release of my second book, Bobbing for Watermelons. You can order a copy from Amazon, and it is also be available for the Kindle, Nook and Kobo.  One of these days I’ll be back with a new recipe . . . I promise! In the meantime, I hope you feel inclined to check out my new book:

In the small town of Brookwood, Iowa, forty-one-year-old food columnist Helen Munson, unappreciated by her two teenagers and her lazy husband, longs for more out of life, but hasn’t a clue how to make that happen. In fact, her tendency to overreact and put herself in embarrassing situations sabotages her own efforts to assert herself. Helen impulsively starts writing a spy novel whose main character exudes traits Helen tries to embody in her own life: power, assertiveness, and the ability to kick butt. However, this persona doesn’t quite manage to keep her out of trouble, or jail. With help from a cast of quirky characters, such as her hippie best friend, a free-spirited drifter, and a pair of fashionable gay store owners, Helen just might be able to pull of the transformation of a lifetime.

You can read the first four chapters now!

Thanks, everyone!


Renovations and Books

Healthy Breakfast -- Epicurean VeganThis has been the usual breakfast lately. That’s happens when your kitchen looks like this:

Kitchen remodel -- Epicurean VeganBut we’re getting there. The old island countertop at least is helping out until we get the rest of the cabinets in and are able to get the new countertops installed. It’s a mess. I’ve gotten good at using the slow cooker, but now that we finally have a working stove top, meals can now consist of more than toast. So bear with me; I’ll be back with more recipes, including a cookbook review for Keeping it Vegan by Aine Carlin.

Keep it VeganI’ve also been a busy bee getting final edits to my publisher for my second book, due for release at the end of March. You can read more about it AprilJMoore.

Bobbing for Watermelons, a Novel by April J. MooreAnyhow, I will  be back with new recipes—from a new kitchen—very soon!



Top of the Mountain Book Award

TOMlogo1OK, I know this post isn’t vegan-related, but I do know that many of you out there are like me: vegan and a writer, so I wanted to let you in on a contest that I’m actually coordinating. The Top of the Mountain Book Award is given out each year at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference. This year, it’s happening March 28-29. You don’t have to attend the conference or even be a member to win. The contest is open to published and unpublished authors of fiction and/or creative/narrative nonfiction. Just polish up the first 25 pages and a 5-page synopsis. Deadline is February 1, so get those entries in! The top prize is $1,000!! Get the full guidelines HERE and good luck!

My Book is Now Available!

On a non-vegan note . . . my historical nonfiction, Folsom’s 93 is now available! Sorry for the blatant, self promotion, but I thought, if any of you (or others you know) are history buffs, you might be interested. You can order a copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The e-version will be available July 1st. Some of the stories of these men are so bizarre; stranger than fiction. For example, one woman’s husband was Folsom’s 52nd execution and happened to be her fourth murdering husband! How does that happen?! Well . . . you’ll have to buy the book to find out! 😉

Folsom's 93

Thanks for your support!

Time for Thawing


This was yesterday. Yep. And those three square-ish mounds you see, are my veggie boxes. Two of which contain sprouts of peas, kale, and spinach. Fortunately, we covered them with wood planks and plastic, but it remains to be seen if they survived. This freak snowstorm dumped over 20″ of snow on us over 3 days and now the big melt has commenced. Our indoor seedlings, however, are going strong. It’s nice to see some greenery somewhere . . .


The rosemary seems to be a late bloomer . . .


Due to a cold I picked up this week, I didn’t whip up any soups, or bake any breads—what a missed opportunity! :-( Oh well, at least I’m feeling better and things are beginning to melt outside. I wasn’t totally unproductive; I did get some other blogging done . . . I’ll return tomorrow with a brand new recipe!


2013 Writing Planner

I just wanted to take a sec and do a plug for the new 2013 writing planner that is now available for pre-order for $12.50.

For most writers, scheduling time to write is essential. It doesn’t hurt to have a spiffy calendar to help organize that time and to hopefully inspire some ideas. This is the second year in a row that I’ve collaborated with my friend, Kerrie Flanagan, director of the Northern Colorado Writers, to put together an amazing (and helpful!) planner.

It is filled with inspirational quotes and will feature 12 different illustrations and a full-color cover. We sold out last year, so don’t miss out! You can pre-order one today and it will be shipped to you after November 20th. (What a great Christmas gift)!

Shameless Self Promotion . . .

The 2012 writing planner is finally here! Actually, it came together surprisingly fast. After doing 13 illustrations in a month, it’s great to see them all together in a finished product. You can order one for $13.95 and pick it up at the NCW Studio or $18 if you need it shipped. It feels great getting back into illustration, but the planner is hopefully going to help me write and stay on track so I can finish my book, Folsom’s 93.

Life of Pi

Alice in Wonderland

Peter Pan

Kerrie Flanagan (creator of the planner) and I hope that it will help writers set and accomplish their goals. Kerrie even added a Submission Tracker page in the back. If you live in the Fort Collins area, stop by the NCW Studio on Friday, November 25th and Saturday, the 26th from 9-3 for the annual Holiday Mart. There will be lots of handcrafted items and food, as well as journals featuring a few of the planner’s illustrations.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Calling all writers . . . get organized with a writing planner!

I’ve been very busy these days between finishing my book, gearing up for the 2012 NCW Writers Conference, and doing an illustrations for a writing planner. I guess that’s why my recipe posting has taken a back seat lately. 

Every writer could use a planner to help them stay on track. My friend, Kerrie Flanagan, director of the Northern Colorado Writers, publishes a writing planner every year. She asked me to do the illustrations for the 2012 version and I couldn’t be more thrilled with this project. In addition to writing, art is a passion of mine—even majored in it. (Word of advice for you youngins’: don’t major in fine arts. It sounds great now, but wait until you need to go to work in the real world . . .)

So I’m excited to be tapping into more of my right brain by returning to illustration. The planner is especially designed for writers to help keep them organized and on-task. Writing is a journey, thus, the theme of this planner. Each illustration portrays a different literary journey, such as The Road Not Taken, Alice in Wonderland, and the Odyssey, to name a few.

The planner will be available November 15th, but you can pre-order one for $13.95, $18, with shipping.

Around the World in 80 Days

If you’d like to pre-order your planner (and ones for your writing friends . . . ) visit the Northern Colorado Writers and order online. Thanks in advance for your support!