Product Review: Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers

Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean VeganI was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out these Hand-Formed Burgers from Field Roast. Each package comes with 4 hand-formed burgers all ready for the grill (or in my case, grill pan).
Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean Vegan

To start, here’s what’s in ’em.
Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean Vegan
One of the reasons I really enjoy Field Roast products (besides the absence of strange, unpronounceable ingredients) is that they don’t taste like real meat. That’s right. Sometimes, when meatless products taste too similar to the real deal, it grosses me out. But with Field Roast, even though the texture is very, very similar, the taste is all its own. With lots of vegetables, fruits and seasonings, Field Roast products taste fresh and flavorful. (Even our meat-eating friends and family have enjoyed Field Roast). These burgers are really no exception. We don’t use the grill that often (so I’m sure there’s a wasps’ nest inside of it by now), so I opted to use my trusty grill pan. I lightly sprayed the surface with cooking spray and over medium heat, I sauteed the burgers, about 3-4 minutes per side.
Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean VeganWe didn’t get too fancy with all the toppings, as I didn’t want to mask up the flavor of the Field Roast, especially since this was the first time I was trying them. I went with the traditional lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup.
Field Roast Hand-formed Burgers -- Epicurean VeganSO DELICIOUS! The three of us loved these burgers and would certainly buy these (although the fat content is a lot higher than I’d like). They stay moist, not dried out like a typical “veggie burger.” And of course, the flavor is outstanding; just the right amount of seasonings. These burgers can also be crumbled up and used as a ground “beef.” I have another package left and I’m torn over what to do: we have a neighborhood BBQ on Tuesday, so do I save the other package for that, or crumble them up for a new recipe?! Oh, the dilemma! You’ll probably find out soon. Since we had gone all traditional with these burgers, I couldn’t resist making some oven-baked fries to go with them . . .
Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean Vegan
The Husband’s neatly sliced burger . . .
Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean Vegan I just went for it . . .
Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers -- Epicurean VeganOverall, another excellent product from Field Roast that makes my vegan life even easier (and tastier). Thanks, Field Roast!



    • Epicurean Vegan says

      Yeah, I have to admit, that is my least favorite thing about these burgers. Plus, it seems awfully surprising considering what they’re made of. My guess is the oil. At least only 8 grams of that fat is saturated.

  1. Arleen says

    Yes, I myself was shocked to see the fat content . I wanted to try them, so will give them a try. Don’t think I will make a habit of eating them though …:-)

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