The Forty-Year-Old Vegan

Turning FortyNope not me. Thank goodness. I still have a few more years before I hit the little eff. The Husband, however, gets the honor of hitting this milestone first. He took it all in stride and even had a whiskey flight to lessen the blow.

Whiskey FlightSo for the big day, I asked him what he wanted to do: restaurant or eat at home. Petrified of singing waiters, he happily opted for dinner at home. He couldn’t decide what he wanted, so he chose two favorites that really don’t go together, but hey, it’s his day.

Tacos and Mac n' CheeseYep. Tacos and Mac n’ Cheese. Two of his favorites. He thought he had died and gone to some vegan buffet. For dessert, I wanted to try making carrot cake and I found this excellent recipe from Love and Lemons.

Vegan Carrot Cake Slice

The cake is delicious! I would certainly make this again, however, I’d probably go with a vegan cream cheese frosting rather than the macadamia nut frosting. It was still good, but I think we all preferred the traditional cream cheese kind.

So my present to myself (for his birthday) is I got a new site! (I sure hope you noticed). Isn’t it be-u-tee-ful?! I’m still playing around with some stuff, but I’m loving the new look. My friend Carolyn, who is starting her own design business created this much more user-friendly, easier-on-the-eye site. Email┬áme via the fancy new contact page, if you’d like to get Carolyn’s info—she does great work!

I will be posting a new recipe in a day or two and thanks to the new layout, you’ll have the ability to print the recipe! (Yes, I know, I’m a so behind the times). See you soon!



  1. terri says

    While I admire your talent for creating vegan recipes, I must say that your comment about being forty (or not being forty, Thank God)
    was rather insulting.

    • Epicurean Vegan says

      Oh geesh…that’s my own personal angst of turning 40! Considering my friends and family, I know what mega “surprises” are in store for me when I do. No insults intended.

  2. Sferd says

    I made the exact same carrot cake for W’s birthday last month! Very good, but made a bit much for the two of us!

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